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Business coaching focuses on how excel in your functional role. Think of your coach as a business leader who helps you see blind spots in your strategy and execution and provides you actionable steps to be successful in your current role. 

Business Coach: Rashim Mogha 

Rashim is an influencer, a thought leader, a best-selling author, a speaker, a woman in tech evangelist, and a technology leader. She empowers professionals by articulating complex technology capabilities into crisp, clear, and attainable business benefits. Her extensive career portfolio includes leadership roles in companies such as Oracle, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and VMware where she built high-performing teams to support over $2 billion businesses. She currently leads a x00+ million USD business unit in a publicly traded company and is a member of Forbes Business Council.


Working with Rashim Mogha has become one of the most beneficial choices I have ever made when it comes to my career. Her coaching helped me see how my skillsets could be best used in different roles that align more with my goals and vision. Rashim is a knowledgeable, compassionate, and encouraging coach and has made me into the strong and capable learning leader that I am today. I highly recommend her coaching program.

– Jade Duncan

Career and life coaching focuses how to excel in your professional and personal life. Think of your coach as a guide and cheerleader who helps you reflect and find answers within yourself to be your most effective self.

Career and Life Coach: Shweta Mogha

Shweta is an ICF certified coach, a talent leader, and a startup advisor. She has over 20 years of experience leading global HR for companies like Airtel, Amazon and Meta (Facebook). Shweta advises startups on their talent acquisition, employee engagement, culture, and branding strategy. Trained by CTI and Positive Intelligence, Shweta helps her coachees to identify their superpower, navigate difficult life and career situations, challenge their limiting mindsets, overcome imposter syndrome, and explore career options in line with their strengths.


What do you want from a career coach: a sounding board, a trusted ally, an experienced teacher, a champion? Shweta has this in heaps. Through an extremely serendipitous circumstance, I found Shweta at the cusp of a major career change. and she really came through – helping me prioritize, build the right perspectives, and execute for success. What I really liked is how comfortably and smoothly Shweta was able to stay lock step with me through the transition – always finding the top of mind and helping me think through. 

– Amit Butala