eWOW 2024 Global Awards

Because when we celebrate leaders of today, we inspire leaders of tomorrow!

The eWOW 2024 Global Awards recognize women leaders for their exemplary achievements, leadership, and contribution in their field and impact on the community. The last day to submit nomination is April 15, 2024.

The award ceremony will be held on May 04, 2024 at eWOW 2024 Virtual Summit. 

Given the overwhelming response to eWOW awards since inception in 2021, starting 2024 eWOW global awards will recognize Top 5 Empowering Women!

All award nominees and winners get NFT trophies with Certificate of Authenticity. These aren’t just digital mementoes; they’re timeless, shareable, unique, secure tokens stored on the blockchain, with a seal of ownership and credibility of the prestigious award.


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Participation and Eligibility:

* Individuals can enter by applying online using this form. Self-nomination is ok.
* The application form must be completed in English. 
* Nominees must provide details and data to demonstrate impact. 
* Incomplete entries will be disqualified.
* All results are final.
All nominees MUST purchase the event ticket before submitting the nomination. Proceeds from the ticket sales go towards empowering women globally.