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eWOW 2021 Virtual Incubator Program


                                                          Program Starts: Spring 2021

Now more than ever before, the world needs ideas that are socially profitable. And ideas need nurturing!

The eWOW 2020 Virtual Incubator Program democratizes idea nurturing through the power of technology.

Join the eWOW 2020 Virtual Incubator Program to take your idea to the pitch stage!

It is a simple 3-step process:

Program Fee: 200 USD, due after application acceptance. (Program value: 6000 USD)
* Note that this educational program is hands-on training for taking your startup idea from a thought to pitch deck stage. This program does not include, promise, or guarantee any funding, investor meetings or VC introductions. 


  • To democratize entrepreneurial education

  • To promote responsible innovation that supports the wellness of humanity and fosters hope

  • To provide innovators a solid launching pad that can help them bring their ideas to life

  • To connect innovators to critical social capital necessary for implementing entrepreneurial ventures

Program Mentors

Rashim Mogha

Founder, eWOW and Startup Advisor

Vikki Kolbe

CISO, KGCloud Advisory and Startup Advisor

Meha Grover

COO - Tech Infra, Societe Generale

Marla Parker

Assistant Professor, California State University

Vasanthi Balasubramanian

Co-Founder, Origin Learning

Stacy Tatem

Startup Advisor and PAM, Microsoft

Program Director

Shweta Mogha

Co-founder, eWOW