Rashim Mogha Is Silicon Valley Woman Of Influence

While in college, Rashim Mogha moonlighted as a voiceover artist for Indian National TV for a couple of years — and she hasn’t stopped using her voice since.

The Delhi native, who moved to the U.S. in 2005, initially went into technology after a cancer scare that turned out to be enlarged lymph nodes detoured her medical school plans.

She’s since forged a technology career working with Oracle and Amazon Web Services, and joined Automation Anywhere, where she’s head of product, earlier this year. More tellingly, Mogha, who was the first in her family to refuse an arranged marriage, founded Empowered Women of the World last year. The group’s weekly podcasts are viewed in more than 20 countries. Her book, “Fast-Track Your Leadership Career” (she had previously co-authored four other technology books), became a No.1 Amazon best-seller within 11 hours of its release last year.

Her advice to those who may follow her lead? “Take risks and have fun,” she said. “You can have many lives and be successful at all of them.”

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